Why a HSG (Home Standby Generator)

A HSG (Home Standby Generator) is essential for preparedness. Similar to insurance, it safeguards your home and family in the aftermath of storms or power emergencies. An efficient home generator ensures that vital elements such as lights, oxygen apparatus, appliances, heating systems, air conditioning, sump pumps, WiFi, and other necessities keep running. This not only saves you money by preserving food freshness and preventing water and mold buildup in your basement but also acts as a lifesaver for individuals relying on electrically powered medical devices.

With power outages occurring more frequently and lasting longer, a generator is becoming an indispensable layer of protection across the country. A study conducted by the Associated Press in 2022 revealed that climate change-induced wildfires, hurricanes, and ice storms have caused a twofold increase in power outages in the United States over the past 20 years. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2021, the average duration of electrical outages in the country increased to 5 1/2 hours from just over 3 hours but can last 1 to 3 weeks in 2013. Hurricanes, ice storms, and other severe weather events were primarily responsible for this rise.

However, while a generator can be a savior during and after severe weather, it can also pose dangers if proper precautions are not taken. Many people tend to purchase generators around major storms and, in their rush to restore power while working with flashlights, may overlook critical safety measures during setup. Tragically, numerous deaths occur each year due to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning associated with generators.

We do not want you, or anyone relying on a generator, to become one of those unfortunate individuals. It is IMPERATIVE to hire a company, with years of experience to include repairs/maintenance (in Portland and other cities in Oregon), like Home Standby Generator Systems.

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