About Us

Clark’s Lawn & Garden Equipment LLC
DBA HSGS (Home Standby Generator Systems)

Dwaine Clark, the founder of Clark’s Lawn & Garden opened February 1st, 1976 with enough money to last 1 month.

Succeed or fail, he stepped out on that limb.

Dwaine had worked for most of the mower shops in the Portland area and felt there was a great lack of proper repair service and most of the stores had bad customer service. He built his new business on these 2 standards.Rob Clark was just in 6th grade when Dwaine opened up, but Rob always was hanging out with his dad out in the garage when he was working on customers equipment before he opened Clark’s.

Working after school and Saturdays, Rob learned how to repair equipment and treat customers right.

After a short stint in the marines and working for another mower shop, while still working nights and weekends for Dwaine, Rob came back full time for good.

Rob and Dwaine worked together until 1999 when Dwaine retired.

Rob and his wife Valorie have run the business ever since.

Robs and Val’s son Brian also grew up in the business and continues running the service department.

In 2007 Clark’s started selling and servicing the Briggs & Stratton Home Standby Generators.

We have always thought that this was a growing market and every year it seems to grow.

The demand for HSG (Home Standby Generators) has grown, and in the summer of 2023, we will put all of our efforts into HSG. We are now Clark’s Lawn & Garden Equipment LLC dba Home Standby Generator Systems (HSGS)

We continue to build our HSG business on what Dwaine started and we have always been.

Great service and Great customer service

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Rob Clark

Brian Clark