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Testimonial 3

“I have been a customer of Clark’s ever since we moved here in 1978.
We fully trust Clark’s and will go nowhere else. They are our goto guys.”

“I love my Genny. From the beginning Clarks have been there.
From the initial sale and guiding the install to our annual service, we depend on them.”

“Clark corrected our electrician’s mistakes and our generator now works great.
Listen to what Clark’s says, they know what they are talking about.”

“I wanted to do my generator system differently than what Clark’s was recommending. In the end they were right, we changed it to their original setup and now it works exactly how we wanted it to. Thank you Clark’s.”

“I have been using Clark’s as my generator experts for years. They have serviced and kept my generator running long past its time. When time came to replace it I didn’t even have to think, Clark’s was my first and only call. They installed the new generator, on time and on price as quoted. If you need a generator, go to Clark’s”

“Clark’s came through and we finally have our generator.”

“Now we finally have peace of mind with our new HSG”